About Us

Kitty’s Herbery is a family adventure, owned and run by Betty, Albi and Minnie. We thought we’d cut out the sibling rivalry by just working together! 

We are three very different people, but one thing we have in common is our love of gorgeous smells - so that's what we make! We have everything from shower gel to body lotion, eau de toilette to massage oils. Our motto is pretty simple - dance like no one's watching, but smell like everyone's gonna have a sniff 😉

Proud to be based in the beautiful South West, where we all grew up and built our lives, we want to pass on those good vibes in everything we do. We’ll always try to get to things a bit faster than ‘dreckly’ whilst keeping the laidback attitude that we all love and appreciate about where we live ❤️

Meet the team!

Betty - Friendlier than her face looks! Betty writes all our copy for the website and social media, takes slightly better than amateur photos, makes and notifies all of our products, serves in the shop and takes point on customer service.

Albi - The IT guy. Albi is our IT wizard (since it may as well be magic to the rest of us!) as well as our head chocolatier, marketing lead, post packer and more.

Minnie - Our not so silent partner. Minnie models our products (very well we must say), and has a say in all major decisions, but you may not see or speak to her that often since she’s also off training to save and improve lives as a nurse.

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